Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies is a non-governmental non-partisan independent research organization.

Our aim is to promote wider opportunities for the Republic of Belarus through analyzing international affairs, implementing relevant programs and projects.

Center’s mission is:

1. to promote better relations between Belarus and its neighbors as well as other states through articulating Belarus’ national interests, aims and activities in international arena, participating in forging of international agenda involving Belarus and promoting a better understanding of international relations inside Belarus;

2. to be a sample of a non-partisan non-governmental think tank carrying out independent research and discussions in Belarus, contributing to the culture of strategic thinking and planning, popularizing think tanks phenomenon in Belarusian society and being a track-two diplomacy actor;

3. forging an experts community though providing a venue to discuss a wide range of social and political problems of global, regional and national scale.

The Center is carrying out research in international security, Eurasian integration and Post-Soviet studies, European integration, Asia-Pacific, Greater Middle East, Central Asia, infrastructure development, industrial policies, perception management.

Center’s website is — www.csfps.by.