Alexei Kostenkov

Alexei Kostenkov
Alexei Kostenkov

Analyst at the Center

He graduated from the Smolensk University for Humanities with a degree in Geography, studied in postgraduate in economic, social and political geography.

Since 2013 he works in the field of international and regional analytics. He has experience in teaching, managing mass media and NGO projects, organizing international expert events and political campaigns. He is also an author of 400+ articles and essays on military history and current political processes.

Fluent in English, working knowledge of German, Polish, Japanese.

As an independent expert and publicist he collaborates with a number of analytical structures and media.

Spheres of interests: political processes and international relations in the post-Soviet, CEE and East Asia regions, political transitology, electoral sociology and psychology of mass behavior, defense and security issues, conflicts of national and historical narratives.