Aleh Ivanou

Aleh Ivanou
Aleh Ivanou

Analyst at the Center, Ph.D., MSc.

His Ph.D. in Environmental Social Science comes from the University of Kent in Canterbury (2010), and his MSc in Environmental Science and Politics originates from the University of Manchester and the Central European University (2004).

He has a military education, graduated from Novosibirsk Combined Arms Academy (1991).

He used to work as an oil engineer at JSC “Tsentrgeologiya”/Federal Agency for subsoil mineral resources of Ministry of Natural Resources (Moscow, Russia) and BelNIPINeft Research Institute, “Belorusneft” Oil Company (Gomel, Belarus).

At various times, he had employment or did internships at various universities and research centers in Europe and the USA.

He is currently an employee of the New Europe College-Institute for Advanced Studies (Bucharest) and the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (Minsk).