12 September 2018
New government of Belarus: first steps
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The prime minister, three vice-premiers, three ministers and the chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus resigned as a result of Alexander Lukashenko’s trip to the eastern regions of the country

20 August 2018
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The trade wars with Russia and the Moscow’s desire to limit the use of the European raw materials which are “under sanctions” can cost Belarus not only profits but also the trust of the Western partners.

18 August 2018
Moscow pursuing ‘forced integration’ of Belarus into Russia now, Sivitsky says
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Russian actions toward Belarus since 2015 show that Moscow is no longer pursuing the “union deal” it had established with Minsk earlier and instead has placed its bets on the forced integration of its western neighbor into a Russian-dominated state, according to Arseny Sivitsky

01 August 2018
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Since the collapse of the USSR, Belarus has not been transformed into a market economy with well-developed and strong democratic institutions and civil society, in contrast to most of the eastern and central European states, including the Baltics

15 July 2018
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Belarus authorities began preparations for the presidential and parliamentary elections and tried to ease the protest mood with the financial methods. In foreign policy, the trend of balancing between Russian, European, and Chinese directions is still preserved.

11 June 2018
Belarus — From crisis to new initiatives
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The Republic of Belarus has been a full-fledged member of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) since 30 January 1992

06 June 2018
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If you are going to travel to Poland and the Baltic States in your car in the first half of June, prepare to let pass the huge military columns of NATO technology. The “Saber Strike” exercise begins there — regular, but largest in its history in terms of the number of participants. In the military sense, maneuvers do not pose a threat to Belarus, but in the political sense, Moscow will certainly take advantage of them.

12 April 2018
Bertelsmann Transformation Index 2018 “Democracy under Pressure”

Arseny Sivitski, Director of Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies contributed to the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index 2018 “Democracy under Pressure: Polarization and Repression Are Increasing Worldwide”.

29 March 2018
From Conflict to Engagement: Threat Perceptions in the OSCE Area
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Today European security in general and conventional arms control more specifically remain topics for specialists

21 March 2018

In 2015, the Baltic states declared their intent to withdraw from the BRELL agreement and desynchronize their power grids from the IPS/UPS synchronous area to which they still belong as part of the legacy of Soviet occupation.

19 March 2018
Lukashenka’s recent appointments: in search of efficacy
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On 5 March 2018, Siarhei Kavalchuk, publicly little known employee of the Presidential Security Service, became the Minister for Sports and Tourism

02 March 2018
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On 18 February 2018, Belarusians elected their representatives to local councils.

16 December 2017
Belarus: New foreign policy challenges
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Despite the President Lukashenko’s absence at the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels, Belarus set an ambitious goal of signing a fundamental agreement with the EU already in the nearest future

28 November 2017
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When a soldier died on one of its military bases, this situation again drew attention to the contradictions among the security forces of Belarus.

07 November 2017
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On 27 October 2017, Russia’s Attorney General, Yuri Chaika, met his Belarusian counterpart, Vladimir Konyuk, to discuss joint measures to tackle drug trafficking in the two countries

25 October 2017
Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan row
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In the run-up to the presidential election in Kyrgyzstan that took place on 15 October 2017, relations turned sour with the country’s northern neighbour, Kazakhstan.

23 October 2017
“Zapad-2017”: Belarus between its ally obligations & regional security commitments

At the very first stage of planning the joint Belarus-Russia strategic drills “Zapad-2017” Minsk attempted to solve a complicated dilemma.

22 October 2017
Belarus: Devaluating status of Russia’s irreplaceable ally
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Taking into account the coming parliamentary and the presidential elections, the Belarusian authorities are making steps to liberalize the country’s economy

16 October 2017
Expert: Russia will keep up its pressure on Belarus
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While the joint Russian-Belarussian military exercises Zapad 2017 ended on Sept. 20, Russia’s desire to keep the pressure on former Soviet republics continues

16 October 2017
Pre-electoral “thaw” in Russia?
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A shake-up of Russia’s political elite, which began with the replacement of a number of regional governors, finally reached the federal level.

15 September 2017
Belarus: Between “Helsinki-2” and “Zapad-2017”
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Some positive dynamics in the Belarusian economy allowed its authorities to flirt with the country’s population and get more points preparing for the future elections. Meanwhile in its foreign policy, despite Belarus demonstrating its ally obligations for the coming military drills, it is still under the Kremlin’s pressure

04 September 2017
Why does joint Russian-Belarusian military exercise Zapad-2017 cause concern?
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From september 14 — 20 large scale joint military exercises of Russia and Belarus will take place in Belarus

25 August 2017
The Emperor Meets The Gamer
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Sure, they may be about to hold massive joint military exercises. But they’re also arguing about milk, quarreling about customs and border regulations, and squabbling about ports and petroleum exports.

13 August 2017
Russia-West Balancing Act Grows Ever More Wobbly in Belarus
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Western officials and the news media have for years routinely described President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko of Belarus as “the last dictator of Europe.”

19 July 2017
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The national security, defense and law enforcement agencies of Belarus are becoming more powerful, therefore raising concerns that the President no longer controls them as he himself is under their control.

13 May 2017
Desynch or Sink: A Political Analysis of Baltic Electricity Desynchronization
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The electricity grids of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are still synchronised with Russia and Belarus in the framework of the so-called BRELL agreement

07 April 2017
Torn between the EU and Russia, Belarus is rife with conspiracy theories
Crisis Watch Blog

Last Monday, April 3, Lukashenko and Putin met in Saint Petersburg to overcome their controversies. After the meeting they announced that all problems and conflicts will be solved within the next weeks

01 April 2017
Belarus — Russia: Crisis is over?
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The Belarus—Russia relations since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis developed in a negative dynamics

07 March 2017
Александр Лукашенко и Владимир Путин / REUTERS
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The recent visit of Alexander Lukashenka to Sochi on 15-26 February 2017, which did not include an audience with Vladimir Putin, casts the relationship between Minsk and the Kremlin in an ever more ambiguous light.

13 February 2017
US Army soldiers deployed in Estonia (Reuters / Ints Kalnins)
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On 23-26 January 2017 a Baltic security wargaming simulation took place in Warsaw. Two defence and security think tanks, the Potomac Foundation and the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, hosted the event.